Using Snapchat For Business | How To Get More Snapchat Followers

Often one of the big challenges when running an online business is often starting up a new profile on a new social media profile. You have to get people’s attention. You may have the content ready but you may feel like you don’t want to waste it before you have no followers.

This is not such a major issue with Snapchat because actually if you want more followers on your Snapchat, it helps to have content already up. So when followers to find you they immediately have something to see.

So when I say content, what do I mean?

Well, snapchat gives you the ability to record  what it calls “My Story”. This is an ongoing feed comprised of 10 second videos and pictures that you take throughout your day. So essentially you could be recording your whole day and your followers can come on and watch it. Your story is the content for your snapchat.

That is why Snapchat can be so effective for your business because if someone chooses to follow you, it means you have interested them enough to want to see more of what it is that you do. It also gives the follower a unique and somewhat intimate insight into your life.

How To Get More Snapchat Followers

So…that being said, how do you get more snapchat followers?


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This challenge is increased with Snapchat because you cant just go and add a bunch of people and get a bunch of followers.

No, because snapchat is so specific people are very particular about who they follow. So, if you want to get followers you need to be strategic and have some effective methods up your sleeve.

So what can you practically do to get more followers on your Snapchat?

There are 3 major ways to do it:

1. Share your snapcode

Essentially, this is taking your unique snapchat QR code (the yellow square with the white ghost in the middle) and share that on all your other social media.

Mine is shown here below as an example.

2. Share your snapchat username

Along with your unique snapcode you also have a username which is usually displayed underneath your snapcode. You can share this with people and your potential followers can search for you on Snapchat, using your username.

3. Ghostcodes

This is somewhat of little known method. It’s growing but obviously the more people that know about it is the more effective it will become.

get more snapchat followers

Ghostcodes is an additional app for your phone/tablet. Download it from your respective app store and you will need to create a profile. This profile is purely for the purpose of advertising your Snapchat to other Snapchat users.

It’s great because it allows you to categorise yourself so that other snapchat users can find you based on what kind of Snapchat user you are. So if you are an entrepreneur, you can categorise yourself as such. So anyone looking for entrepreneurs to follow can find you more easily.

All of these methods should be used together in order to get the most followers and then be sure to stay consistent with your content. Make it interesting and diverse so that your followers are compelled to remain followers.


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Using Snapchat For Business | How To Get More Snapchat Followers

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