Pokémon Go Update – New Characters Added!!!

Well it would seem after a few months of hype, Pokémon Go has disappeared from all the major news headlines.

After all the dramas of reported large crowds swarming cemeteries, small kids falling off cliffs and other ridiculous tales, it seemed Pokémon Go had plateaued.

My guess is, that many of those who had initially downloaded the app on their phones with the hope of losing some pounds while spending “quality time” with their distant teenagers, soon lost the drive for it.

However, Pokémon Go is now hitting headlines again, due to it’s introduction of new characters announced this week.

Pokemon Go – New Characters

First off, as a limited edition for the holiday season, players will discover Pickachu sporting a Santa hat.

That may not excite you as much as the fact that you are now able to unlock a handful of new characters which can be hatched from eggs. Togepi and Pichu are the reported new characters along with some additional creatures that can be collected along the way.

Watch the Pokemon Update Below:

Whether this will see a resurgence in fans of the app I don’t know but it may well stir a little excitement in the camp.

From a business perspective I have to say I did respect how many people were able to find ways to capitalise off of Pokémon’s short lived hype. You have to respect someone that can find a away to jump on the back of an opportunity and find a way to profit from it.

While I take my hat off to that level of entrepreneurship, I much prefer to help people profit from something that will be a little more sustainable and provide some long term revenue!

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Pokemon Go – New Characters

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