Network Marketing Tips: 2 Questions To Ask Yourself

As I work with a lot of people who are network marketers, I’ve realised that there are two fundamental things that network marketers often tend to be missing.

One of those things relates to mindset, self belief and confidence. (Which are vital for you as a business owner).

The other relates to practical business exposure.

So here are some network marketing tips, that I want to share with you.

In fact, I think they can be summed up with two questions that, as a network marketer or an online marketer, you should ask yourself daily.

These two questions have really been an eye opener for me in my business.


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Network Marketing Tips: Who Are You & Where Are You?

As a network marketer, you can be convinced into thinking being a part of a team that is successful and running off the steam of the leader is enough to make your business successful.

The truth is if you aren’t focussed on building your brand and establishing yourself in the markplace, then you will forever remain in the shadow of the team leader and even the company itself. Their results will remain the only thing you can highlight and your brand never grows.

Once you figure out who you are: i.e what you’re about, what your business provides, your vision, your goals etc, then that will eminate in your marketing. Knowing who you are helps greatly in establishing yourself in the online space. Plus you’re general confidence is going to increase.



So that’s the first question you need to be asking yourself.

The second is: Where are you?

This question addresses your exposure. If you are marketing, then you need exposure, otherwise you don’t really exist!

If you don’t exist in the marketplace then neither does your business.

This is why you have to be consistent show up daily and be producing content.

When people are searching for what you’re selling, you need to be there!

When people are searching for you they need to be flooded with content that you have produced. Plus if you are in a good business community or team help each other to share and promote each other’s content. That way when people are searching not only will your content be found through your efforts but also through other people sharing it.

The greater the value of what you produce is the easier it will be for others to share.


‘It’s A Great Day For Breakthrough!’


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Network Marketing Tips: 2 Questions To Ask Yourself

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