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Having set up my first ads using Mario Brown’s Mobile Lead Flow Software and training, I can happily say this product was a great investment.

First off I have to say that Mario, is a great trainer when it comes to instructional videos.

He knows how to break down the concepts to short, simple, easy to understand videos with no fluff.

I think a complete newbie to internet marketing would go through this training comfortably and be able to have their first lead ad up and running in no time. While someone who is seasoned will fly through the training.

So what is Mobile Lead Flow?

What is Mobile Lead Flow?

Mobile Lead Flow is a mixture of software and training that capitalises on Facebook’s new marketing lead capture app!

To be fair you don’t need this product to use Facebook’s lead capture app but let’s face it, you probably didn’t know Facebook had even released this new app and you would probably struggle to figure it out on your own.

Aside from that, Facebook’s marketing tools and apps are never the most straight forward to use and you’ll see this when you go through Mario’s training guide.

So Mobile Lead Flow teaches you how to use this new Facebook App to capture leads in a couple of clicks from someone’s mobile phone or desktop.

It also provides you with a software that allows you to capture these leads direct from your Facebook Ad campaigns into your own personal autoresponder while you send your lead straight to wherever you choose.

Now, the great thing about this is that, if you imagine, your prospect may well be out and about and they decide to quickly scroll through their Facebook newsfeed. Lo and behold, your cleverly placed ad pops up in their newsfeed. They click it and a lead form pops up with their name and email already pre-filled by Facebook. All they do is tap to confirm and boom, you have the lead.

With Mobile Lead Flow’s software, that lead goes straight to your autoresponder, where you follow them up and send them directly to your offer, so that they can watch your presentation or attend your webinar at a time that is more convenient to them so that you have their full attention, (well away from the noise of the Facebook newsfeed!)

This is a great overall strategy and everything is provided for you to take the strategy from start to finish.

Mario even includes bonus training on how he personally makes large sales from this very method and even gives you ways to findprofitable products to market if you have nothing to market.

For me, the only downside to Mobile Lead Flow is that he doesn’t cover a lot of detail about targeting your leads to get the best return on investment, but I think as a whole, the strategy is powerful enough to help you get leads effectively and market to them efficiently to make sales!

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Mobile Lead Flow Review | Mario Brown Mobile Lead Flow Software & Training

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