Instabuilder 2.0. Review | Instabuilder Walkthrough With BONUS!!!

When Instabuilder 2.0. was introduced to me I was excited about it because I was a customer
of Leadpages and I still use them occasionally.

I have nothing against Leadpages but you are very limited in what you can do with the design
of your landing pages, capture pages and sales pages.

For the amount I was paying (which is an annual investment), I couldn’t see the value. Plus I
couldn’t even sell it as an affiliate unless I upgraded.

Still this is not about Leadpages, this is about Instabuilder 2.0.

Instabuilder 2.0. Review – My Honest Thoughts

This is kind of a review but to be honest, after having used the product for about 5 months now, I am fully loving it and promoting it. That being said, I don’t promote things I have never used personally.

I really have little to complain about and because I am an affiliate I know it would seem obvious that I would sing the praises of Instabuilder 2.0. But honestly, I struggle to find fault.


As I said in the video of this review, is that the major downside is that if you don’t have a WordPress site this program will not

work for you. It was designed with WordPress users in mind and so comes in the form of a plugin. As I am a WordPress user it

suited me perfectly. but if you don’t have a WordPress site with hosting, you will not be able to use Instabuilder 2.0.


There was another downside. Recently all my websites got attacked and went down and because Instabuilder stores all your

capture pages inside your WordPress site it, it meant that none of my pages worked!


So you will definitely need to have a back up for capture pages if you use Instabuilder as your main capture/landing page option.

That being said the plugin works great and I have not had any issues with it.
It’s worth knowing, that I have had to deal with support a couple of times for minor issues and both times the support has been

fast, efficient and helped me solve my issue with the least fuss.




As you can see from my video walkthrough, the plugin works great and makes it very easy to build great looking capture pages,

website pages, video pages, landing pages sales pages etc.


What’s great is that you have a choice of tonnes of different great looking templates but in any of those templates you can change

any feature you want and add or take away anything in the template.



Autoresponders are easily integrated into optin forms inside your capture pages in Instabuilder 2.0. It integrates with the

majority of major autoresponders on the market right now. Plus because it is a WordPress plugin, they tend to update it with new

features fairly regularly!



In conclusion, I personally believe Instabuilder 2.0 is a strong product with very little to criticise and a lot of great features to

benefit from. The creators of Instabuilder have truly thought of everything you could need for a product of this nature. The price

point is great vlaue for everything this powerful plugin provides and I am more than happy to recommend it to you!





Jimmy Morson
‘A Great Day For Breakthrough!’

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Instabuilder 2.0. Review | Instabuilder Walkthrough With BONUS!!!

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