Fifth Harmony Down To Four | Valuable Lessons For Network Marketers

The pop industry has a lot of similarities to the world of network marketing. Here’s a great example.

The big news dropped for US girl band Fifth Harmony last night after they discovered band member Camila Cabelo had left the group.

The news apparently came as a shock to the rest of the group as they had just completed performance at the iHeart Radio Jingle Ball Tour. (They must have sensed some tension!)

Either way, Camila shared the news through her representative who then shared it with the band. Cabello hadn’t given a clear reason for leaving. However, tell tale signs may well have been there seeing she had done multiple solo releases during her four and a half years with the band.

Fifth Harmony Parallels With Network Marketing

Having spent nearly 6 years doing network marketing, I soon learned that Fifth Harmony‘s situation was very similar to the world of network marketing and the struggles that many network marketers face.

See, the pop music industry is extremely fickle. Labels pick up and drop artists as often as they change their clothes.

Network Marketing companies can be like this too. Along with facing slaps from governing bodies who decide to shut them down at any given moment, they can also choose to change the playing field at anytime which can sometimes leave their company affiliates in a serious jam.

Likewise, people who join network marketing companies leave them as quickly as they join them.

Camila Cabello’s decision to leave the band is extremely similar to many network marketers.

Okay, so she stayed with the group for four and a half years which is a respectable length of time in the pop industry. But the fact that she was doing various solo releases, while in the band was a tell tale sign that she was eventually planning to go it alone.



Again, I have seen this many times where network marketers will join a company and then within a few weeks they are joining another company. One of the main reasons for this is that the excitement of joining a new company always outweighs the reality of the necessary grind and hustle that is required to truly be successful in network marketing.

Camila shared her news with her fellow bandmates through a representative. Likewise, most network marketers discover their team mates (downline) have jumped ship via Facebook or some other social media platform, usually when they see their team member is now promoting a new opportunity and has stopped paying the monthly subscription.

These are just some of the reasons why I decided to change the focus of my business. I decided to stop promoting companies and trying to build teams and decided to start helping people focus on building their wealth through leveraging proven systems.

That was a great turning point for me. I was no longer affected by the pressure of building a team and being concerned with company policies changing and team loyalty waining; all of which ultimately impacted my bottom line.

I could now make a larger income with one sale and people who joined me could leverage the system and make money faster and if they decide to promote other things it would not affect my income potential.

I’m sure Fifth Harmony, despite the irony of their name now being outdated, will find the capacity to move on without Camila. In the same way, if you are a network marketer needing a way to move your business forward, know that there are solutions that will free you up to truly find breakthrough and establish a business that will benefit for the long run.



‘It’s A Great Day For Breakthrough!’

Fifth Harmony Down To Four | Valuable Lessons For Network Marketers

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