Do You Leverage Online Video In Your Business? | How To Leverage Online Video

So many online marketers are not leveraging the power of online video in their businesses.

And I get it!

There are number of reasons that people give for not using video. Reasons like:

1. You are too nervous to be on camera

2. You don’t have a good camera

3. You wouldn’t know what to say

4. You are technologically challenged and wouldn’t have the first clue about making a video

let alone uploading it to the internet.

5. You hate the sound of your voice

6. You are not a public speaker

Etc. Etc…

The list goes on.

But I have to say, I believe these are all poor excuses.

I would even go as far as to say that in this day and age, if you are not using video and leveraging it’s power for your online business, you are literally leaving money on the table.

Here’s why:

First off I use the word ‘leverage’ because using video in your marketing online is an invaluable tool to free up your time and allow your business to keep running and working even when you’re not.

Secondly, video allows your potential clients (from all over the world), to find you where before you may have had to manually go out looking for them. Uploading your video and placing it strategically across the internet can give you ample opportunity to get in front of thousands of new potential customers/clients.

On top of this, if you are an online marketer, where you are building a brand, video allows people to see who you are, relate to you on a more personal level and be warmed up to you without you ever actually meeting them.

This can alleviate the pressure of you having to connect, with new people over the phone or on Skype or even, dare I say, having to invite people to live events/presentations.

Plus your video can do the selling for you. People could literally be seeing what you have to offer in your business and decide they like you and your brand enough to buy, right there and then.


So How Do You Leverage Online Video?

Okay so all this is great but it doesn’t happen overnight.

You need to know what say in your videos, you need to know some simple principles for what to do in your  videos and you need to know where to put your videos in order to get that ideal exposure.

Well never fear. I can help you with all that.

In fact, if you are petrified about the idea of ever being on a video, don’t panic!

Many have been where you are and have overcome their fear. In fact when you make that bold step and make your first video, it immediately gets easier and as you develop and keep doing it you get better and better.

You will get to a point where making videos becomes second nature, especially when you see the impact it can have on your brand and your traffic and sales!

I am part of a Facebook community where we provide free training for online marketers who want to learn how to leverage online video and just generally grow your business.

We will show you exactly how to set up your videos correctly, what topics to cover, how to present them, and then where to strategically place them to get maximum exposure.

You simply need to join us!

Do That Right Here >>>

I look forward to connecting with you, helping you to get your videos out there and seeing better results in your business.


‘It’s A Great Day For Breakthrough!’




Do You Leverage Online Video In Your Business? | How To Leverage Online Video

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