Using Snapchat For Business | How To Get More Snapchat Followers

Often one of the big challenges when running an online business is often starting up a new profile on a new social media profile. You have to get people’s attention. You may have the content ready but you may feel like you don’t want to waste it before you have no followers. This is not such […]... Read More

Fifth Harmony Down To Four | Valuable Lessons For Network Marketers

The pop industry has a lot of similarities to the world of network marketing. Here’s a great example. The big news dropped for US girl band Fifth Harmony last night after they discovered band member Camila Cabelo had left the group. The news apparently came as a shock to the rest of the group as […]... Read More

Pokémon Go Update – New Characters Added!!!

Well it would seem after a few months of hype, Pokémon Go has disappeared from all the major news headlines. After all the dramas of reported large crowds swarming cemeteries, small kids falling off cliffs and other ridiculous tales, it seemed Pokémon Go had plateaued. My guess is, that many of those who had initially […]... Read More